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Anglsea Estate


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Anglsea Estate


Inspired by a famous surf-side cottage in Newport, Rhode Island of the same name, Anglsea is an unexpected fusion of 1880’s cottage charm, modern amenities and distinct touches of South Florida’s signature Art-Deco style.

Everything about this project was unique — from its transplanted-from-the-East-coast style — to the process by which the estate was built — a truly collaborative effort led by the homeowners and an extended professional support team (Village Architects, John McDonald Company, M. & E. Cross, Inc. Interior Design, and Cotleur & Hearing Landscape Architecture).

"Daniel Leiva’s attention to cost, detail, and the quality of subcontractors he brought to our project made the finished product so much finer than we imagined it could be.

Daniel builds more than homes, he builds relationships with everyone because he has the perfect combination of professionalism, respect and a great attitude — which made working closely with him educational and fun. His creativity and knowledge surpasses his years, and we were continually amazed at his suggestions and solutions.

I will never forget being called to the house during construction because there was a “problem.” When I arrived and asked the subcontractor what was happening, he calmly replied, “we don’t have problems here, only solutions.” Our home was not your typical Florida build and I was definitely particular, but working with Daniel was a pleasure… our relationship will last for years to come. We are very supportive of Daniel after finishing our wonderful home because of his ultimate commitment to making his homeowners happy, providing suggestions, solutions, and great accounting. We highly recommend Shoreline to build your dream for you! He’s a new type of builder!" 

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